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Own Construction Part

"Unix Development" has its own construction part, which significantly increases the quality of our projects.

The presence of the construction part allows us to maintain the highest possible standard: we use the best materials in the implementation of projects and we have a team of professionals.

Due to the existence of its own construction part, "Unix" takes full responsibility for the quality of its own projects, residential complexes or other types of buildings, construction quality and future warranty.

Fully Funded Project

Each project of Unix is ​​fully funded from the very beginning. This is an important aspect for the company and its customers, as the completion of projects depends less on environmental factors.

Fully funded projects have a number of advantages. When every detail of the construction is pre-planned and the budget is complete and independent, the quality of the project also increases significantly.

It is important that the customer no longer has to worry about additional factors, because when implementing fully funded projects, the trust in the construction company is more reasonable and strong.

Adhering Construction Deadlines

The implementation of fully funded projects with the help of its own construction part allows Unix to meet the construction deadlines with maximum accuracy.

Punctuality, along with justifying customer confidence, is one of our top priorities. Consequently, construction deadlines in Unix Development are always set with remarkable accuracy, and independence from a number of environmental factors eliminates all risks of violating these deadlines.

High Quality Construction

High quality construction standards for Unix Development has been a major focus from the very early days.

Since then, Unix has diversified and developed its own modern visions and work style following the best example of international construction companies.

It is important that our company's European standards are not limited to values. Unix has a number of partner companies in Europe. We use high quality construction materials to implement our projects.