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about us


About Us

Our company has been offering customers innovative and high quality services and products for 6 years, which changes the public perception of construction standards. The modern project management system and the use of new technologies allow us to fully meet the requirements and needs of the client.



Unix sets new construction standards in Georgia. Our mission is to create buildings with sophisticated design and modern technologies, which are not just complex constructions, but also a customer-friendly environment.


In the fast-growing Georgian construction industry, Unix has established itself as a modern and innovative construction company. The projects implemented by us allow us to present Georgia on the international arena as a country with outstanding investment and construction potential.


Safety is our top priority, so by all standards we try to avoid possible accidents during construction.

Our goal is to be the best and continue to develop. This can only be achieved with high quality building materials, quality control systems and a highly qualified team.

In the developing world you need to not be afraid of the news and be ready to make bold decisions. It is important for us to support the development of the construction sector by introducing innovative technologies.