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French District

Tbilisi, Marsellie Str. 8


French District

Location: Tbilisi, Marsellie Str. 8
status: completed
delivery date: 2017-11-01
standard: Green Frame
architect: Nugzar Dvalishvili
about us: Unix Development

French District

In early 2016, investors from France decided to build a “French District” in Tbilisi. This case was assigned to the company "Unix Development". The aim of the project was to build a comfortable space in which any person could have a rest from the restless, stressful atmosphere of the city, would enjoy the beauty of nature, when there is nothing but strict, cold concrete around. New French apartments are designed by a special working group consisting of French and Georgian architects. However, to achieve high goals requires experience, diligence and consistency. That is why a professional and experienced team, using materials of the highest quality, was able to build a new French quarter for its future residents - a place that can truly be called a house built according to all building standards.

Considering all the factors, we chose a place near the city next to nature, with open green space. Then we developed a French-style design, with street lighting, décor, lamps, large courtyards and recreation areas, which is ultimately called the “New French District” - a place that not only represents a set of complex structures, but in which everything will be like in your own home!
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The French District is located on the area of ​​30 000 sq.m., where a large part of the area is green. The area is fenced and equipped with 24 hour surveillance systems. Great attention is paid to the recreation zone, the inner courtyard, the square and the sports grounds. Together with the arrangement of the yard, we also provide further care and cleaning. Besides apartments, the complex includes commercial and office spaces where the confectionery shop, pharmacy, supermarket and exercise hall will be located. In addition, each family has a parking space. Additionally, there will be a kindergarten equipped with modern international standards, providing the safety and comfort of young people.

French district has a good strategic location, which in a busy urban environment gives it a competitive advantage. Near the complex there is all the necessary infrastructure, as well as an entertainment and recreation zone, there are no problems with car parking. In a word - everything is close!