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Coffe Factory

Tbilisi, Kakheti Highway


Coffe Factory

The construction of the coffee factory began in March 2017 and ended in September 2018. The building is distinguished by complex geometric structures and concrete slanted walls, which demonstrate its architectural uniqueness. However, the coffee factory has something that emphasizes its exclusivity - the “Green Roof”. The roof of the building is completely covered with environmentally friendly and natural vegetation. It is also worth noting that the exterior and interior of the coffee plant have something in common with each other. Different types of trees are planted in three different atriums that are inside the building, which completely waves the opinion of people about standard factories. An interesting fact is that the coffee factory is kept on a 10-meter layer of concrete, installed on one slice, as for example the “Palace of Kronos”. Of course, we are not comparing with the Kronos Palace, it would be unreasonable, but there is one more detail that distinguishes the coffee factory from all other buildings - these are architectural difficulties that are clearly visible in the photos, and something that was impossible for other construction companies or architects, Unix Development has made it possible. As a result, professionals of the business, experts united and created a coffee factory, which has no analogues in Georgia.