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09 Октябрь, 2018

French District

In the beginning of 2016 French investors decided to establish a French type settlement. To implement this idea Unix Development invited Georgian and French architects. The special team was recruited to lead the project – French District. The conception on which the residential complex is being built was the creation of the famous modernist architect of 20th century - Le Corbusier. He is believed to be one of the authors of the studio type flats. His conception about the modern city helps people to overcome urban stress which is caused by the diminishing greenery and the rising rate of new constructions. Taking that into account we chose the place which is in the city and at the same time is greenery area near nature. We designed the blocks, which differ from other buildings with their Inner Square and recreation area. The conception of Le Corbusier also implies ferroconcrete frame constructions, which makes it possible to adjust planning individually. Our project which comprises of 1069 studio type and flexible planning apartments was designed by this principle. According to the conception of the French architect, the project includes flat roofs that make it possible to cultivate plants and create additional space.